The Book

An Interview with Dan Burke (VIDEO)

Spiritual Direction Is…

  • Understanding the general direction or trajectory of one’s soul
  • Working with a spiritual guide to help unite one’s soul to God and find peace and joy through the pursuit of His will and ways
  • A process of growing in holiness

Covering each of these important pathways to peace and holiness, this book will serve the souls of those who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God and find their spiritual direction. Whether you are at the beginning of the process, a veteran of spiritual direction, or struggling outside of spiritual direction, this book will help you uncover a map of success for your journey.

By Dan Burke – with Fr. John Bartunek – Forward by Fr. C.J. McCloskey

To learn more about the spiritual life don’t forget to visit Dan’s website, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction. As well, if you are looking to dig even deeper into the great spiritual mysteries of our faith be sure to visit the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation.